Monday, 25 March 2013

Al Cameron Vancouver Patios

When the weather is great, living in your outdoor patio space is glorious!

What about when it's raining or there is a chill in the air?

Savvy patio designers keep Vancouver's poor weather in mind when designing a patio that extends your living space.

Design elements include protective coverings such as permanent cover or retractable awnings to spaces protected from the wind and rain.

Patio heaters include a variety of natural gas elements and could involve heating tables, fire places and fire pits.  You can even have tiled patio floors fitted with underfoot heating.

Al Cameron Patio Inspiration

You can get great ideas for your outdoor living space from your travels ... and also from the commercial patios you see in hotels and restaurants.

Some of the design elements to keep an eye out for include:

  • Plants and platers
  • Heat sources
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor Kitchen items

The quality of outdoor furniture keeps on improving and you will find an amazing selection of day beds, and and weather-proof loungers.

Have an old daybed gathering dust in the garage? Think of it as a a  fabulous addition to your patio with the application of some  outdoor rust-proof paint and a selection of outdoor fabrics. Pile it with colourful pillows and enjoy your new reading space ... or let the kids enjoy an outdoor nap.

Hammocks come and go as a "fashion item." They are already designed for outdoor living ... just find a spot that is protected from the wind and that gathers the warm rays of sunshine.

Al Cameron Outdoor Patio Living

Outdoor dining spaces should be designed with comfort and use in mind.

In Vancouver, the weather is a factor that designers must take into account. Vancouverites are happy to stay outdoors if they are protected from the rain and if there is a means of taking the edge off chilly days and nights.

Often gas lamps, outdoor fire places or even fire tables are all that is needed to extend the outdoor dining experience. Designers will often take advantage of the facination people have for fire by creating the "heating element" not as a backdrop, but as the focal point of the patio.

Al Cameron Patio Spaces

Al Cameron, veteran outdoor patio designer, creates modern, outdoor spaces with comfort in mind.

Outdoor living is gaining in popularity and people are giving as much attention to their outdoor spaces as their indoor living spaces.

Years ago, people would get an umbrella table with four or five chairs and that would be it. Conversation would center around the BBQ and that was pretty well it. Today families are furnishing their outdoor spaces with sectionals, loveseats and sofas as well as coffee tables and other livable units.

The patio is not just the BBQ place anymore ... it is an actual living and entertaining space.